Offshore Manpower Supply Services

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Offshore Manpower Supply Services
We offer manpower solutions tailored to our client’s project requirements. We offer full recruitment support, work permits, in country taxation, insurance and manpower logistics so you can focus on your operations.
  • MARINE CREWS: Captain, Chief Engineer, DPO, Chief Officer

  • HSE OFFICERS: Medics, Safety Officer, HSE Drilling Specialist

  • DRILLING CREWS: Rig Manager, Driller, Toolpusher, Roughneck

  • M&E Specialist: Electrical/ Mechanical Engineer, Technician

  • DECK CREWS: Crane Operator, Rigger, Painter, Blaster, Lifter, Radio Operator

  • SUBSEA SPECIALISTS:Survey Engineer, Pipeline Engineer, Geoscience, ROV

  • WELDER AND INSPECTOR:Platter, Pipe Fitter, NDT

  • PROJECT AND LOGISTICS TEAM: Project Engineer, Marine Coordinator, Material Coordinator

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