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The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients

Helios has strategic supply arrangements with refineries and oil companies. Helios can customize fueling distribution solutions to meet any fuel supply needs ranging anywhere from local to large-scale level
High Quality Fuel at Highly Competitive Contract or Spot Pricing

Helios is dedicated to providing the highest quality fuels at competitive prices. We also offer a variety of catalysts, additives and stabilisers to increase fuel performance and efficiency. We’re ready to deliver wherever and whenever you need us.

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Helios is a Petronas LPG industrial and commercial distributor for factories, hotels and restaurants. We also trade and distribute for households in Johor Bahru under UNCLE LIM GAS Brand.
We deliver clean energy safely for Homes,Industries and Commercials

We have a robust distribution networks to ensure our gas are delivered safely to our domestics, industrial and commercial customers safely either in cylinders or in bulk. Our people are well-trained and we provide gas storage, storage,pipeline engineering solutions to meeting our customers energy requirements.

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03. Fuelcard Solution Provider
We partner with oil companies to provide the most optimised fleetcard solutions to our industrial and commercial customers based on customers operational requirements.
The right solution for greater control and cost savings

If you want to reduce your fuel expenses, our experts can help you to evaluate your existing route and propose the optimise fueling strategies. We help you to simply fuel expense management for your fleets and drivers with cost controls, reporting and tracking tools. We give you control over fuel card expenses and make fueling  easier for your drivers.

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We are a vendor-agnostic solutions provider of power products and services for Oil and Gas, IT, manufacturing facilities, and telecommunications applications.
Safe and Cost Efficient Power Supply and Management

With access to such a wide range of power products and services for both AC and DC applications, we offer customized turn-key solutions that simplify project execution and procurement with a single point of contact.Whether it’s your UPS, data center, cooling, a remote closet, a DC site, or a battery replacement, we’re ready to help.

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